Greyborn Studios Founded by Industry Veterans – Submits First Game to Greenlight

BOSTON, Mass., Oct. 10, 2016 – Senior developers from award-winning games such as “System Shock 2”, “Thief”, “Skylanders” and “Magic: The Gathering,” have come together to create Greyborn Studios, an independent, cross-platform game development studio focused on creating genre-leading games. Greyborn’s debut title, Luna and the Moonling, has just been submitted to Steam’s Greenlight.

Luna and the Moonling is a challenging all-ages puzzle game starring two determined and adorable characters who must work together to save their kingdom. Inspired by history’s greatest push-block puzzle gameplay and innovated with a fresh twist, the game has players switching between characters with unique abilities to solve the riddles of the Moon Isles.

“While we’re a new independent studio, we are founded by very talented game developers who have worked on some of the biggest franchises in gaming,” said Scott Blinn, CEO & Creative Director of Greyborn Studios. “We created Greyborn Studios because we wanted to collaborate directly with gamers without the constraints of big publishing bureaucracy. This allows us to focus on making the games we all want to play,” Blinn said.

“Passing Greenlight is an important first step for distributing ‘Luna & The Moonling’ on PC, Mac and Linux, and we encourage everyone to visit Steam, vote and provide feedback,” said Michael Ryan, CTO of Greyborn Studios. “The support of the gaming community is absolutely crucial in helping our studio grow so that we can deliver even more ambitious games in the future,” Ryan said.

Gamers can vote on the game now by visiting:

About Greyborn Studios
Greyborn Studios LLC is an independent game developer founded in 2016 by award-winning game industry veterans with over 125 years of combined game development experience. Their mission is to create diverse video games for all ages that blend proven retro-style gameplay with the latest innovations for a modern audience.

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