More About Us: Our Name

Considering this blog will be our main form of communication with the world, we thought we would share a bit more about our studio with you to get this blog underway. First up is about the name of our studio and a bit about how we chose it and what it means to us.

Greyborn Logo

The word”greyborn” came about mostly because the founders of the studio are science fiction buffs and we were looking for a name that both scratched that itch as well as conveyed the meaning behind forming our studio in the first place. Before I even left my day job to start the studio I had already been thinking about why I wanted to start a new studio, what we would want to create as a studio, and how we would stand out from very overcrowded indie studio scene.

After several rounds of brainstorming names, the word “greyborn” caught our eye (ear?). We liked the name “greyborn” for several reasons:

  1. The name was really a blank slate and didn’t have any real cognitive baggage associated with it. We could infuse what we wanted into the word as we grew and have it take on a meaning, and studio culture, we wanted to build.
  2. The sci-fi in us took the “grey” part to mean aliens – as in Grey Aliens. This made us think alien technology, otherworldly perspectives, trying new things and exploring new ideas. Things we strive for.
  3. The “born” part made sense because that is exactly what we were about to do, create something new that we hoped will stand out and take a fresh and unique approach to the design and development of our games.
  4. Lastly, we wanted to have an iconic image as part of our logo that brought it all together. We choose a long, four-fingered alien hand print (shown to the left). Besides being a good fit for our logo and its meaning, it also is fairly iconic in it’s own right and stands out. Having an iconic image that could work on its own without the studio’s name would be important to us for branding. We think it does the job pretty well.

Putting the above concepts together into Greyborn spoke of something that was a new beginning for both us and the marketplace. We want to build a company that isn’t trying to just cash in and following the current trends, but to look beyond and in different places to entertain our customers. Innovating in new directions, while also resurrecting the best of game-play long forgotten, and blending it all together with the latest technologies is who we are.

We know we have a lot of work to do to make Greyborn Studios a respected name that means something in gamer’s eyes. We accept that challenge and will continue to work hard to prove ourselves to get us there!